Torus Bowl – FAQs

Q. How much water can the Torus bowl store?

A. The large Torus pet water bowl can carry up to 2 litres of water, and the small Torus carries up to 1 litre. It is safely locked away within the bowl, making it the ideal choice when travelling with your dog or cat, or when there isn’t a clean water source available.

Q. Does the bowl come in different sizes and colous?

A. The Torus is available in two different sizes. The 2 litre Torus bowl is perfect for most dogs, and the smaller 1 litre water bowl is ideal for cats and small dogs. Both sizes can be ordered in grey, red or blue, and the 1 litre bowl is also available in pink.

Q. How often will I have to change the filter?

A. The filter within the Torus pet bowl will last approximately 1 month and will need to be changed to ensure fresh and clean drinking water for your pet. To purchase additional filters for your Torus water bowl please visit our shop.

Q. Why does the water bowl need filters?

A. Imagine a water filter, delivering fresh clean water to you. Well, Torus works in exactly the same way, the filters take out solids and impurities to provide your pet with the freshest drinking water possible.

Q. Why Torus over any other pet water bowl?

A. Torus is not just a water bowl, it’s a complete watering system delivering cool, fresh and clean water to your pet as and when he or she needs it, it will not easily spill or tip, and is travel friendly. All in all, there are many reasons why the Torus is better than other pet bowls.

Q. Does the Torus require batteries or power?

A. No, the Torus bowl keeps your pet’s drinking water clean, fresh and cool without the need for any additional electricity or power.

Q. Why is the smaller Torus bowl ideal for cats?

A. The smaller 1 litre Torus water bowl has been designed specifically with cats in mind. The oval shape allows cats to comfortably drink without having their whiskers touch the side of the bowl, however, it is just as ideal for smaller dogs.