Torus Bowl Reviews

“I recently bought a Torus bowl, at a cat show, and after a few hours of not being sure about it, all my 5 cats use it. I think it’s really great product, I am so impressed by it that I am going to buy another one, or possibly 2, to replace the plug in one we have in the hall at moment and for the cat room. Having no electrical parts, so no wires to plug socket etc, I feel it is a lot safer, especially when you are out.” Helen and the Koorahk Korats

“I have a somewhat mischievous fellow (eight years, going on six months) who enjoys digging at the water bowl causing tidal waves of slop all over the floor; however he met his match in the Torus. He pawed the water out but the refill rate remained steady, despite his more frantic efforts to entice it to refill faster.” Geraldine Cove-Print

“If you’re traveling for the holidays, even to a nearby relative or friend’s, this sleek, practical and multi-faceted water bowl from Torus is a must have. It stores up to 2 liters inside its reservoir walls, filters the water as it automatically dispenses and it has a lock, fill and drink function, which means easy peasy.” Positively Woof

Awesome! So easy to refill and always have a fresh supply of water for our cats. I’m going to buy a second one for another area of the house. Highly recommended. Video Guy, Amazon

I love this bowl. I’ve had several auto water bowls and this is my favorite. My dog is a messy drinker and this doesn’t put a lot of water out at one time which allows for a cleaner drink. It has to be filled more often than some others I’ve had, but it makes up for it with the lack of mess. JT

“Very happy with dog bowl our new golden retreiver puppy drinks water like I’ve never seen before. He would manage to spill water 6 feet from bowl. This bowl has drastically improved problem.” April, Amazon

“Truly the ‘Ultimate Water Bowl’ Such a great product! It looks great, the quality is wonderful and I love that the filter is enclosed. No batteries or loud electric pumps. I bought this to replace my initial purchase of a pet watering fountain. I just didn’t feel it was safe to leave the fountain plugged in with pets alone in the house. It was messy and had too many parts. This Torus bowl is the perfect solution and pets prefer the water in this one anyway.” CoCo, Amazon

“I love this product. All i have to do is fill it up, and turn the nob and it provides my dogs with water even while i am away. The fact it is weighted on the bottom is awesome because this way i know it won’t get knocked over, which is a plus because my Shiba loved knocking over his water onto my hardwood floors.” Zenaki

“Yes, it’s quite big, but it is to store water! I have a cocker spaniel puppy with long ears. With a regular bowl, my puppy’s ears would be soaked after a drink of water. This bowl helps in that only the tip of his ears get a little wet now. This bowl also helps to keep the water cool in this Texas heat. This bowl also minimizes the huge mess my puppy makes after a drink. Lastly, I can take this bowl with me in the car and everywhere. This design is wonderful!” Sheila B

“Awesome, keeps the water nice and fresh and cool, the water level is perfect for my puppy. well made and sturdy, it feels, looks and operates as promised. My puppy loves playing in his water bowl while he drinks and this was the perfect solution.” Geoff G, Amazon

“When my dog drinks from a traditional bowl, more water usually ends up on the floor than in her mouth. This can be a huge problem with laminate / hardwood flooring. After switching to Heyrex’s Torus Ultimate Water Bowl, the problem is all but eliminated due the water level of the bowl being limited to only what she’s actually drinking. I absolutely love this bowl.” Brian Kirby

“This bowl is wonderful. There is less mess when the dogs drink from it.
It is easy to fill, adjust and monitor. Our dogs seem to drink a bit more now too.”
Tricia Hanley

“I will never use another dog bowl again. This has helped so much with the amount of water that is spilled from our labradane. Really there isn’t a mess to clean up at all when hes done drinking.” JD, Amazon

This bowl is a huge hit with all three of my dogs; they all seem to drink more from this bowl than any other in the house. One of my pups is a very messy drinker and this has virtually eliminated wet floors around the bowl. Impressive! Amazon Customer

I see a reviewer who thought the size was too big for her Yorkie. I have a 5 pound Yorkie who has no problem drinking from it. The diameter is not important, it is the depth and it is definitely not too deep for a small dog. It is a great water bowl! Ellie J

This bowl does exactly what I wanted. My big dog is a sloppy drinker and gets water every where. With this bowl there is always water at the bottom but just enough to get a good drink but not splatter it over the sides of the bowl. And as she drinks the water is flowing from the reservoir to keep the water level the same. This bowl is expensive but worth every penny as far as I am concerned. Chief Mushroom, Amazon

I purchased this bowl for my puppy who has a habit of trying to submerge her entire head in the bowl when drinking (making a mess of course). This bowl works amazingly and keeps my puppy hydrated without me filling up her bowl every 10 minutes which is great as I live in Arizona and its way too hot for her to be without water. Bowl is easy to handle, refill and seals tight when the dial is turned the correct way. D Burger